Pedekstra Adult Diaper
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Pedekstra Adult Diaper

PedEkstra anatomic incontinence diapers are designed to increase the living standards of their users and patient relatives and to provide comfort and safe protection with their high usage comfort and high skin protection.

Its white exterior surface with Mavibeyaz logo has a cloth-similar structure. Thanks to this structure, it helps the skin to breathe. It helps to prevent the heat increase and sweat of the skin and accordingly, the skin irritation. It is an important assistant in protecting the skin health for the care of patients who use patient diapers particularly at nights and/or for long time.

  • The blue layer (ADL- Acquisition Distribution Layer) that quickly distributes the liquid to lower layers accelerates the distribution of the liquid to lower layers in order to prevent the contact of the liquid with the skin.
  • The absorbent particles (SAP-Super Absorbent Polymer) that provide high absorption power in the inner layer, which quickly absorbs the liquid, jellify and absorb the liquid to prevent its rise to the surface again. While it ensures that the skin remains dry, it also helps to prevent the skin irritation.
  • Thanks to its side bands that can be opened and closed again and again, it can be repeatedly opened and closed where necessary.
  • It prevents the irritation of the user’s legs thanks to its tight-fitting special anatomic design and pleats between legs.
  • While it provides a safe use with its liquid tight leg barriers that prevent leakage and its cloth structure, it provides also comfort with its skin-friendly dermatological structure.
  • Thanks to its wetness indicator on its exterior surface, it helps you to understand when to change the diaper. 

Waist Size

Medium: 80 - 115 cm

Large: 110 - 150 cm

Products Rolls per Pack Packs per Parcel Barcode
Pedextra Medium 50-77 kg 8 8 8697459724896
Pedextra Medium 50-77 kg 30 4 8697459724933
Pedextra Large 77 kg üzeri 7 8 8697459724957
Pedextra Large 77 kg üzeri 30 4 8697459724995