Mavibeyaz UV Sterilized Toilet Paper
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Mavibeyaz UV Sterilized Toilet Paper

Patented Technology of Mavibeyaz UV Sterilized Toilet Paper; helps to neutralize bacteria and viruses that may occur on paper.

During production, each layer is sterilized by passing through the UV Sterilization System. Finally, while entering the packaging, final roll is UV Sterilized once more and

it enters the package without contacting with the air.

  16 Rulo 32 Rulo
Layer Quantity 2 2
Sheet Quantity 150 150
Yaprak Boyutu 9,5x11,5 cm 9,5x11,5 cm
Rolls in Per Package 16 32
Package in Per Parcel 3 3
Barcode 8 697459 720171

 8 697459 720843